H0 scale SilverRiver style bridge for model railways and dioramas.

Setting the length of the bridge


The bridge is made up of 200mm long modules, which can be joined together to make it longer. This way, the bridge can be 40cm, 60cm, 80cm… long.

For this type of bridge, each 200mm section rests on a pillar, like in the real world, and there is always a space between modules for expansion. To adjust the modules to each other, there are some pieces that allow the union of two modules, concealing the fit in the track area.

If a specific, customised length of a few centimetres is required, the end parts can be designed with the specified size to match the desired length of the bridge.

Below are some examples of bridge sizes with the side pylons at the ends, to give you an idea of how the sizes look. As mentioned above, if the size you need does not fit the standard size, do not worry, it can be adapted by modifying the end parts.

Setting the height of the bridge


To choose the height of the bridge, we first need to know the height where the track goes the height of the Märklin type C or K track plane or similar.

Based on this value, we calculate the height of the bridge pillars. Each pillar is made up of a stone or concrete part, and a part where the iron cushioning structure goes, which varies in shape depending on the height of the pylon.

Please note that this type of bridge is designed primarily to cross rivers, so its pillars are not very high. We have pre-designed heights of 70mm and 100mm for this type of bridges.

For other unspecified heights, we can design them to suit the customer: all we need is a feasibility study and a quote.

The geometry of the bridge varies a little, depending on the type of track that is mounted, but this gives us the possibility of altering this geometry for other types of track made by other manufacturers.

Setting the bridge options


In this bridge, we have different options to choose from for the final setup and the order.

1.- The first option that we have to set for bridges of type C Märklin track or similar refers to the covering of the ballast structure of the track:

  • Wood imitation covering. With a series of wooden planks that reach the tracks and leave them hidden except for the central part.
  • Metal grid covering. With a metal grid platform that covers the entire ballast structure up to the track, leaving the central part uncovered.

2.- In both cases, the central part of the track is exposed and we have the option of covering it with a grating which frees the Märklin electric central pivots. This grid is ordered separately to cover each 200mm module.

3.- Finally we have two types of central pillars for the SilverRiver bridge: one type of low pillar for bridges with a low structure, and another type of higher concrete pillar.

Below you will find all the graphic information of these options.


Ompla el formulari amb la informació que vulguis o necessitis, y nosaltres ens posarem en contacte amb vosaltres per enviar un pressupost, o resoldre qualsevol dubte que tinguin.

Defineix el tipus de pont:

Escriu El nom del pont, juntament amb la longitud i altura que necessiteu, també, si hi ha alguna opció o variació més, especifiqueu el codi corresponent.


Fill in the form with the information you need or require, and we will contact you by e-mail to resolve any queries.

Define the bridge type:

Write El nom del pont, together with the required length and height, adding the option codes or variations that are activated according to the type of bridge chosen.

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